16kg Agricultural spraying drone

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Agricultural spraying drone Model 16L

16L agriculture spraying drone is suitable for big farms. It can spray ≥12 hectares/hour with its high-efficiency centrifugal nozzle pump, which can spray on both sides of the leaves more effectively and evenly. It also can plan the route intelligently, it can spray to every corner of the farmland, save pesticides, spray quickly, protect the safety of workers, easy to operate.


Rack weight




Water tank capacity


Maximum load


flight duration 10-12 minutes
Working speed 5-6 m / sec
Drone flight altitude 2-3 meters
Spray efficiency

3 acres / minute

power system
Agricultural drone power battery


Spray system
Centrifugal nozzle 2
Spray range 4.5-6 meters

high effciency and encironmental-friendly r16 Spray Drone Description

Rdroneguy R16 UAV crop sprayers can carry 16L of pesticides while working, it can spray on the leaves (the face and the buttom) of crops precisely and expeditiously due to its centrifugal force designed nozzles, which makes high degree of atomization. While the UAV crop sprayers are working, the spraying scope can reach to  4.5-6 meters width. It can spray 0.32 acres farm per minute so as to save manpower.

Precision spraying

16kg agricultural drone centrifugal spraying system, high-speed centrifugal atomizing nozzle, long life, easy maintenance, and a wider range of atomized particles. Spray flow can reach 1-2 acres / minute. The whole machine is equipped with 4 nozzles, and the downward airflow generated by the rotor acts on the atomizing agent, allowing the medicament to reach the back of the plant roots and stems and leaves, and the spray penetration is strong.

Foldable body for easy carrying

The four main arms, nozzles and pulp of the drone are foldable. The folding body is small in size and convenient to transport.

save space

Foldable main boom and nozzle save space for easy transportation

Intelligent AB point mode

The 16kg plant protection drone has a built-in flight control customized for plant protection operations. It has stable flight, precise response instructions, and convenient operation. It can be started with simple exercises. Providing AB point operations, no one in agriculture can automatically spray pesticides according to the specified route in the AB point operation mode. According to the actual spraying area, the route planning can be carried out even if the spraying field is irregular.

Robust and solid base stand

The material of the tripod is made of aviation aluminum tripod, which is firm and resistant to falling. The bottom is equipped with a landing cushion to reduce the impact of the drone when it is landing. Reduce damage to drones

Fixed height radar

Set the drone to maintain a certain height with the ground, and the drone will maintain the set height during the operation.

Obstacle avoidance radar

The farmland has complex terrain, and often encounters obstacles such as branches, protruding crops or wires. When equipped with a radar obstacle avoidance module, the R16 can sense obstacles within the range of 1.5-30 meters, and prompts the flying hand after the obstacle is sensed. Automatically hovering in front of the object and suspending the job.