DJI T20 agriculture drone

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With its powerful performance and excellent spraying effect, the T20 can be fully autonomous in a variety of operating scenarios such as Daejeon, Terrace, and Orchard. It is also equipped with a reliable omnidirectional digital radar, which continues the outstanding performance of DJI Dajiang Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft. Help plant protection work efficiently.

Efficient, reaching the peak

The T20 will increase the maximum load to 20kg, with a 7-meter wide spray width, and the efficiency of the single-frame operation will be increased to 25 acres, and the hourly operation efficiency will be increased to 180 acres, making the operation more efficient. [1]

Independent work, easy and precise

Simply set the operating parameters, T20 can achieve full autonomous operation in a variety of operating scenarios such as Daejeon, Terrace, and Orchard. In addition, the T20 comes standard with RTK centimeter-level positioning for daily, full-automatic precision work.

Good effect, due to powerful configuration

The T20 features an eight-nozzle design and a 6L/min high-flow pump with a depth-optimized wind field design that allows the droplets to be evenly and evenly covered, easily covering both sides of the crop blade. The newly developed four-channel electromagnetic flowmeter can independently control the T20 four liquid pipelines, so that the spray effect of each nozzle is closer and the overall spray is more uniform.

Multiple guarantees, safer flight

The T20 is equipped with an omnidirectional digital radar to identify horizontal omnidirectional obstacles, as well as automatic obstacle and imitation flight functions to ensure safe operation. The radar operation is not affected by ambient light and dust, and it can sense the farmland environment around the clock and further improve flight safety. The T20 is also equipped with a real-time image monitoring system and nighttime searchlights to allow you to easily monitor your equipment's operating environment.


Radar imaging

Waterproof and dustproof radar

Real-time image monitoring system

The T20's modular design allows for quick folding and reduced space for easy transport. The work box and battery support quick insertion and removal, which shortens the time required for job replenishment. The core module has a protection rating of IP67 and the body can be cleaned directly with water [2]. Thanks to the addition of the four-channel electromagnetic flowmeter and the electromagnetic exhaust valve, the T20 can realize the pump-free calibration and one-button automatic discharge, despite the air, the daily use is more worry-free.

New remote control, innovative productivity

The performance of the new generation of remote control has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation, and the MG app has been fully upgraded, the system runs more smoothly, and the interface operation is simpler. Standard RTK high-precision positioning module for easy centimeter-level job planning. Equipped with a 5.5-inch high-bright screen, you can see the screen under the blazing sun and easy to operate. The remote control supports external batteries, and the overall battery life is 1 times longer than the previous generation, which fully meets the needs of long-term and high-intensity operations.

Spreading system 2.0

The spreading system 2.0 has a large capacity of 20L and a large flow rate of 15kg/min, and the spreading ability is further improved. For example, in the case of rice live broadcast, the spreading system can provide about 70 times the labor efficiency. [1] In addition, the sowing system supports many working scenarios, and grassland reseeding, solid fertilizer spreading, and shrimp paddy field sowing operations can be easily accomplished, and the spreading effect is even and excellent. The spreader system supports quick changeovers and can be assembled to the T20 in just 3 minutes, allowing for a wide range of job requirements.