Drone function big resolution (ONE), which one do you like best?

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The show of 777 drones on the Chinese Tanabata Tanabata sensationalized the entire vibrating circle. I just want to sigh, poverty limits my imagination. The drone has been recognized from the initial stranger to the present. What features does it make people love?
Drone image capture

Shooting with drones is currently a more common application. For example, aerial overhead shots, you can easily take a beautiful view and a rich lens with multiple drones.

UAV shooting is a very common feature in drones, even a small drone can be achieved, whether it is to take a trip or play at home with your family is a great thing. Entertainment drones recommend this C-ME. The selfie drone C-ME has the advantage of being folded and small, with 1080 HD ultra clear shooting. C-me Social Media Flying Camera makes your trip fun.

Toy drone cme, full-featured, children can easily master the fun of rc quadcopter drone, as a Christmas gift is a good choice.

Best Christmas gift CME drone

Video from : YouTobe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6PolmQWdco

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Drone delivery

The unmanned low-altitude aircraft operated by the radio remote control device and the self-contained program control device carries the parcel and automatically delivers the destination. At present, Amazon, Wal-Mart, SF Express and other companies have been used, but not widely used.