Self-timer drones will become a market explosion

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The fiery drone industry is full of flowers and newcomers. In the case of smart phones entering the stock market, the drone is called the next hood of intelligent hardware.

I believe that not many people have objections. At present, China's UAV-led drone is positioned as a productivity tool for professional aerial photography, exploration, etc.; winning at a super high cost performance, headed by a millet drone, turning the drone into a young man The first unmanned toy. Now another set of demon winds - self-timer drones. And the self-timer drone market is also expanding, becoming one of the most popular segments of consumer drones.

Self-timer drones, as a segment of the drone market, the reason why the night is red, this can not but think about the keyword "self-timer".
The emergence of other social media such as facebook has become a kind of show for everyone. Self-timer drones are more attractive to people and more convenient for traditional mobile phone cameras and professional cameras. They meet the needs of many young people and become Travel essentials, gift preferences.
Compared with professional UAV applications such as aerial photography and surveying, users can have higher tolerance for UAV performance indicators in ordinary daily use scenarios. Professional UAVs are often bulky and inconvenient to carry. . Self-portrait is an improved direction for drones. For example, c-me can easily fit into a school bag.
For the strong demand of self-timer, it has a strong overlap and elasticity with some so-called immediate needs, and the two can be transformed into each other even under certain conditions.

UAVs are now widely used in every industry, and their functions are constantly being upgraded. Some experts say that drones will become the market's explosive point and the mainstream of the new era.

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