T20P/T40/T50 carbon fiber propeller ​(5415)

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1. Our carbon fiber propellers save about 5% of electricity than the original nylon propellers, and the carbon fiber propellers are harder and lighter than the original propellers, which also solves the risk of high-temperature explosions in summer.
2. Our carbon fiber blades adopt hot pressing technology, which ensures stable quality and durability.
3. Carbon fiber blades do not need to be sprayed with a sunscreen layer because the carbon fiber material itself has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and is not easily deformed when used under high temperature conditions in summer.
4. High-end carbon fiber blades go through multiple processes, which is cumbersome. Each blade undergoes strict screening before leaving the factory, and is tested repeatedly before it meets the shelf standards. This is our craftsmanship.
5. The carbon fiber blades have high hardness and will hardly deform when resisting the sudden rise and fall of the motor speed during the heavy-load take-off stage of fertilization and pesticide application. Therefore, the carbon fiber blades have higher blade efficiency, safer flight, and more accurate flight control. (In the fully loaded take-off stage, the carbon blades deform greatly when resisting the sudden rise in click speed. The blade deformation causes the blade efficiency to decrease. The intelligent flight system is forced to increase the current to push the motor to further increase the speed, resulting in a sudden increase in power consumption. This may even lead to a bombing accident.)

6. Regarding noise: ① The noise may become louder due to the loosening of the motor bearings; ② The noise may become louder due to the larger gap between the propeller holes; ③ Due to the high hardness of the carbon fiber material itself, the deformation is small at low speeds, so it is noisier than the carbon model. Large; ④ It may be because other manufacturers did not do the dynamic balancing in place before leaving the factory;